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Big Apple Adventures

Yesterday, my mom and I made a twenty-four hour trip to New York City to see Cyrano de Bergerac on Broadway. While there, we did some shopping and lots of walking. It was rather cold and snowing, but that didn’t stop us!


Cyrano de Bergerac is wonderful. Kevin Kline imbues the title character with everything I hoped he would: graceful athleticism, effortless eloquence, and humor that is at once both self-aggrandizing and self-deprecating. With Kline’s inspired performance, a beautiful set, sumptuous costumes, and a great supporting cast, the show’s three hour run-time flies by and leaves you breathless. Bonus: Prince Humperdink as the Comte de Guiche!

We spent the rest of the day walking around and shopping. Highlights included a stop at Purl Patchwork. It’s a tiny place, but oh, the fabrics! I was drooling over each and every one. I wish I lived around the corner and could pick up a bit here and there on a whim. You luckies who live in Soho! I didn’t buy anything there, though, because there was too much that I wanted. If I started, I don’t think I could have stopped!

The new Muji store in Soho was kind of a disappointment. It’s smaller than any Muji I ever saw in Japan, and the prices seemed higher than I remembered too. Maybe that’s because the U.S. dollar is so weak right now? I’m hoping there will be more Muji stores opening soon with a better selection.

I scored big at Kinokuniya in Rockefeller Center. The store is moving to a new location, and all of their books are on sale for HALF PRICE! I didn’t know about the sale until I got there, what a pleasant surprise! (Sign says, “50% off.” Brain says, “Yay, I can buy twice as much!”) If you’re in NYC, head on over before all the goodies are gone! I picked up several crafting books that look very promising. I’ll post more about these in the future once I’ve had a chance to read through them and attempt some of the projects. Here’s me posing with the Christmas tree across the street at Rockefeller Center showing off my Kinokuniya steals:


Thanks, Mom, for a great adventure! Even missing the bus and not getting home until 5:30 a.m. didn’t put a damper on what was a wonderful, memorable day.

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