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Sewing for Charity Part 1, Softies for Mirabel

I have been doing a lot of sewing lately. Some of it has been to make gifts, some of it just for fun. As the holidays approach, I think a lot about how I can use my time and talent to help others. I know, we should think this way all year. But when the holidays roll around, it serves as a good reminder to me that not everyone is as fortunate as I have been. Especially, and most unfortunately, many children don’t have the love and support that I did when I was growing up. The holidays are probably a time when kids really need something to lift their spirits. I’ll write more on this topic later, but I am a big believer in the idea that little things can make a huge difference in the way people see the world, and as a result can send their lives in a totally new direction. You never know when that will happen, so you just need to keep trying to make a difference.

These thoughts had me searching the internet for a way to put my sewing hobby to a good use, and I found a great website, Meet Me at Mikes. The good folks at Meet Me at Mikes are doing a really cool thing– they started a campaign called Softies for Mirabel. They are collecting handmade stuffed animals for the Mirabel Foundation, a group that helps children affected by their parents’ substance abuse. Meet Me at Mikes is a shop located in Richmond, Victoria, Australia… so keep in mind that if you make something for them, you’ll need to send it to Australia. They will be displaying all the donations in their shop window for a while (hopefully inspiring more donations!) and then in early December they will donate them to the Mirabel Foundation to be distributed to the children. Check out their Flickr page and see some of the wonderful work that’s already been done.

Last week, I shipped off this cutie:

I’m on my way to Softies for Mirabel!

It’s exciting for me to think about where he might end up. He’ll be half a world away for the holidays this year– and hopefully making some little girl or boy happy.

I’m still on the lookout for more charity sewing projects, so please leave me a comment or a link if you know of any good ones. Thanks for reading!

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