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Spring: Sprung!



Lilac buds and vinca flowers in my backyard

The winter, which was a difficult one, has finally given way to spring. It feels like a good time to start new things. Instead of huddling indoors or inside my own head, it’s time to get outside, to build, to create.

First on my list was to create a salad table. If you’re wondering what that is, check out the University of Maryland’s website, Grow It Eat It, which explains how to build your own salad table and has lots of tips on planting and harvesting lettuce greens and herbs. The table is movable, so you can give your greens direct sunlight in the spring, move them into the shade for the heat of summer, and back into direct sunlight for the fall. We did have several types of greens in our vegetable garden last year but they didn’t fare very well, and I’m hoping that I’ll have better luck with a salad table this year.

Yesterday, I painted the table a bright robin’s egg blue. I just planted this morning, so nothing is growing yet, but here’s a “before” photo:


Today I had my first taste of food from our garden. Our collard greens from last year’s planting are up and ready to eat. They’re not very big, but I say let’s just call them microgreens and dig in!


I prepared some using this method from, which worked great. A little olive oil, garlic, butter beans and vinegar and I had a delicious lunch. I can get used to this.


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Happy Easter!


Free pattern here.

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Check it out…

If you’re going to be in or around Portsmouth, NH this month, check out the Ello Gallery at 110 State Street.

Bailey Works, a Portsmouth company, commissioned 15 local artists to re-invent their messenger bags. The Ello Gallery will exhibit their work from today until April 27th. My brother, Adam, is one of the artists that will be featured. A sneak peek of Adam’s work is here. Photos of last year’s exhibition are here. Check it out. Grab a bite at the Friendly Toast. It’s time to come out of hibernation!

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