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I *heart* Hillary Lang

A few weeks ago, I bought the make-a-long pattern from Hillary Lang’s incredible website, Wee Wonderfuls. Hers is the first blog in my reader that I absolutely must read when it shows a new entry. She is so talented, and her work is just my style. I’ve been admiring her work and the work of others who use her patterns, and that’s been a part of what has inspired me to dust off my old machine and get going again. I’ve been trying to teach myself to sew for a long time, mostly without the help of a pattern (see my last entry, a project that I just “winged”). I finally decided to buy one of Hillary’s patterns though because I haven’t really been able to sew three-dimensional objects very well. My hope is that by following the patterns of some of my favorite artists, I’ll be able to gain the skills I need to improve my own designs.

Now that I’ve made my first doll using Hillary’s pattern, I have to say, she is so cute and was so much fun to make that I don’t want to stop! Here’s a picture of my first attempt. I’m not sure if she’s quite done: I might add a collar or buttons to the front of her dress and some kind of embellishment to her shoes. But she’s lovely the way she is. Hillary, you rock.


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